Graham van de Ruit

Editorial & information designer

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I’m a designer living and working in Harare, Zimbabwe.

I have experience designing newspapers, magazines (printed and digital), books, posters, logos and other material. I’ve seen enough to know that the term “graphic designer” comes with all sorts of preconceptions. I’d prefer to call myself an “information architect”, “book designer”, or “design automator”.

I enjoy working with large amounts of information, whether it’s text or data, and creating efficient design solutions that communicate the information effectively. This area tends to be greatly under-appreciated – the best page of text or information design usually doesn’t draw attention to its design (people are often surprised that books are “designed”). That said, I also enjoy getting funky now and then.

I work with scripting in Adobe Illustrator (with the Scriptographer plugin) and InDesign to create efficient design-workflow solutions, customised for individual projects. I’m also passionately interested in typography and the technical aspects of repro and printing.

Away from the computer I design, build and ride mountain bike trails, hike and camp in the bush, and drink milkshakes by the gallon.

Do get in touch if you’d like to work together:

+263 (0) 77 910 6975