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These are links that I have found particularly inspirational or useful. Please contact me to report broken links or if you’d like to recommend other sites.

Stacey – The free, open source, lightweight content management system that I used to build this site. There are three templates available, but if you edit the HTML and CSS you can customise the site as much as you like.

Typekit – Add a line of code to your pages and choose from hundreds of fonts. Simple, bulletproof, standards compliant, accessible, and totally legal. I used the free package for this site.

Design inspiration

Boris Müller – The Poetry on the Road posters by Boris Müller are what first got me excited about the power of programming and design.

Visual Complexity – A fantastic collection of visualisations of large and complex sets of data.

Pentagram Design – The legendary design firm, with offices in London, New York, Austin and Berlin. Michael Bierut, Paula Scher and Abbott Miller are among the partners.

edenspiekermann – Home of type superstar Erik Spiekermann

The Book Cover Archive – Lots of nice book covers in a good-looking site.

Best blogs – 50 top design blogs.

Thinking for a living – Nice looking cross-discipline design site founded by Duane King, with regular blog-style updates and lots of writing on design.

September Industry – International journal for design.

Good transparency – Get your infographic fix here.

SPD – The Society of Publication Designers

Think Quarterly – Google’s new publication, designed by The Church of London.

coverjunkie – Coverjunkie is the site for cover lovers. It’s about creative magazine covers that inspire and amaze. About covers that celebrate our visual culture.

Site Inspire – Web design inspiration. – Indie-magazine-focussed blog.

Ralf Herrmann: Wayfinding & Typography

ISO50 blog

Fast Co Design

The Design Inspiration


iLoveTypography – A great resource for anyone even remotely interested in typography. Inspiration, educational materials, writing on type for print and for the web, and links to foundries, designers and other resources.

Typedia – Typedia is a resource to classify, categorize, and connect typefaces.

Thinking with Type – Home of the book by Ellen Lupton. A valuable typographic reference with substantial online material to accompany it.

Typographica – Type reviews, books, commentary.

baseline magazine

The League of Moveable Type – Open-source type movement.

Google Web Fonts – Open source fonts available for web use from Google.

Fonts in use

The Type Directors Club

The Case & Point

Friends of Type

Ministry of Type – Stylish blog on type.




Hoefler & Frere-Jones


Font Spring



Education at FontShop – Educational resources from The Big Yellow Type Shop.

Scriptographer – Open source scripting environment for Adobe Illustrator. I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with the creator, Jürg Lehni, at Toffie Fest. Very cool.

Typeface As Programme – In 2009 the École Cantonal d’Art de Lausanne (ÉCAL) published Typeface As Program, a book which originated in the efforts of its graphic design programme to teach type design as a separate discipline. The book summarises a series of workshops, including workshops on the technical processes of type creation, and includes a comprehensive essay by Jürg Lehni on the nature of digital type design and font software. The print run was limited, and has long been sold out and will not be reprinted. A revised edition is now published online.

The EBW Knowledge Base – Reference material on digital publishing.

magplus – Touchscreen tablet publishing tool.

WhatFont – Bookmarklet that tells use what fonts are used on a website as you roll over them.

Wirify – Bookmarklet that lets you view any site as a wireframe.

Pixlr – Free image editing direct in your browser.

Processing – Looks tremendously exciting, but I haven’t given it a good look yet.

gotoAndLearn() – Fantastic downloadable Flash tutorials.

Tizag – I found these php, HTML and CSS tutorials pretty handy. Clear and simple.

OpenType Features – An introduction to OpenType substitution features, courtesy of iLoveTypography.

Rorohiko – Workflow resources for InDesign.

Loïc Aigon – Designer, automator and creator of some handy downloadable InDesign scripts.

InDesign Secrets

DTP utils – Custom plug-ins and scripts for Adobe InDesign & InCopy.

Barcode Generator – Free, self-contained JavaScript barcode generator.

Creating EAN-13 Barcodes with C# – Out of my depth, but may be useful to C# programmers.

Barcode Island – Comprehensive barcode reference materials.

Barcoding – Free online barcode generator.

Wolfram Alpha – Computational knowledge engine.

Guardian Style Guide – The Guardian newspaper language style guide.


Because they’re cool too.

Crank – South African Cycling News

iRideAfrica – Cape Town singletrack mountain biking and road cycling tours and bike hire.

Salvo BMX – Cape Town-based BMX and fixie 4130 steel frame and component makers.

Woodstock Cycleworks – New bicycle culture store in Woodstock, Cape Town.

The Hub SA – South African cycling forums and classifieds.


Singing horses